Friday, 28 November 2014

Facebook introduces new App - ‘Rooms’

Facebook has recently introduced a new app called 'Rooms', which will facilitate users to have an anonymous chat in chat rooms and it is currently available in UK and US. This app is now available on App Store.  On the basis of invitation and interest, these chat rooms will be accessible to users. The app is exclusively separate from Facebook and doesn’t necessitate you to give any informative details like your location or name. On the other hand, Facebook will keep up its matching standard to control singling out, intimidation or spamming. The site will also have the right to put chat rooms out of action. The chat rooms will be formed with unique designs using emoticons, different colors and much more.
New App - ‘Rooms’

According to Facebook, Chat rooms on invite basis will call for a particular code that can be scrutinized with the camera of your phone. You can post the code on paper in public place or you can share them on email or social media. Specific moderators or maker of chat room can modify the look, forbid people from the room or put the room selected as 18+. Your privacy will be concealed and none of your personal information will be disclosed.

In early October, it was reported by the New York Times about the spreading out of Rooms as an alternative way to hook up online ahead of various networks of social media, like Facebook, which value or entail genuine individuality. Though, Facebook’s actual name policy has forced few users, particularly LGBT community members who wish to stay unidentified online.

This chat application is created for Android and iOS platform which let users to make group chats focused around their preferred subjects. It is by now up on the iTunes stores and excitingly it’s accessible for at no cost.


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