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Total Recall Android call recorder

Total Recall Android call recorder

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Monday, 15 December 2014

GOSF makes scorching success in 2014

The leading, most alluring and awaited Google Online Shopping Festival, which  officially started  on 10th of December 2014  was concluded on Friday i.e. on 12 December 2014 with an impeccable response. The initiative was taken by the Internet’s Search Giant, in which the entire online shopping sites were brought under one roof.  This huge online fest was quite similar to Black Sales of US which offered a huge money off as in GOSF.

GOSF has been a huge accomplishment for the past couple of years, where retails have had a good sale price and consumers are given the best mark down prices for online products varying across every domains.  Google iniated this GOSF in 2013 for 1 day. And as per their past expericne, Google confirmed that  due to some technical issues which arose in preceding year, they decided to keep this sale for 3 days.
Rajan Anandan, Managing Director of Google India staets that,  "The GOSF has beaten up the expectations with the revert that we have had to GOSF". He adds that about 40% of the users accessed via cell phone. loads of exclusive and sky-scraping price products were booked and sold at the GOSF 2014. Amongst others, the highest sales  belonged to categories like  electronics, home, kitchen and lifestyle. More than 500 houses were booked across the entire realty associates, whereas above 50 cars and 100 bikes were reserved.

"The sale, which was scheduled till December 12, has seen sales of all kinds of online retailers rush by up to ten times, whereas the same for renowned sellers like Amazon and Flipkart are up to 100 per cent", Anandan said.

Anandan also adds that regardless of heavy traffic, the consumer experience is impeccable and the sites are responding well. In the first day of the GOSF, only Tata Housing real estate firms has spectated 10,000 bookings of flats, for which Internet Giant has betrothed with 450 dealers who are giving special concession on sell. 

Saturday, 13 December 2014


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Friday, 12 December 2014

Download Call Recorder 2.0.24.APK android app

At present, there are several recording applications available with benefits that you can easily find on Google Play Store. Many users before downloading any app primarily focus on application features, its specs, versions and so on.But, the only application that attracts several users is Total Recall free call reorder application with an updated version 2.0.24 APK android app available on Play Store. The newest version of this leading recording app has been customized to meet up the needs and requirements of users.  The change in versions is only due to the enhancement and advancement in its features.

This app was established long back in 2004 and it comprised of several benefits. The developers of this call recorder android app are US based and they are constantly trying to improve and perk up the functioning and working of this app. This app is specifically designed for users of Android smartphone and it comes with easy user interface that, it can be easily operated by any common person.

This call recorder app is easy to download and install. Prior to downloading, do check whether your device is capable of adjusting this app, as not all devices have the potential to attune this app. If you’re uncertain about it, then have a preference of using its 30 days free trial version.  Once you download this app, you will realize that you will not receive any annoying or spam ads.
The app is the best useful call recording app for recording interviews, speeches, conferences, meetings, lectures and other files. Also you have a choice of recording files in different formats like AMR, WAV, MP3 & MP4.  Apart from recording audio notes, you can also record on call recording of calls i.e. incoming and outgoing calls.

If your phone runs out of space, then you can store your call recordings by automatically uploading it on server like Gmail inbox, Google drives, sound cloud, Dropbox and Evernote. For this auto storage, you should first enable 3 options from the setting menu. This wills not only auto upload your files on server but also it deletes its existence from the recordings listed in your device.  Whether you record on call recordings or audio notes, it will certainly not be unsuccessful as this app gives an amazing quality of recording files with no background noise. You can also record files with low volume and no beep sound.

You every time don’t need to keep looking and searching for the particular conversation as this app also facilitates you to search recordings by name, date. That means you can filter recorded files. This saves a lot of time of users. This call recorder app has amazingly flexible options like it provides you with password protection features for securing your recorded files. Apart from app security, this app also provides security to the user by not disclosing user information.
This call recorder android app endows with an incredible experience and also it facilitates user with numerous benefits. If you find any difficulty with this app, you can connect our support team via email and forum posting.

Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Happy Holidays 2014

The happy holiday season is a great opportunity for kids, parents, families to share their joys and have fun with this season. Year ends up with holidays and gives you a lot of satisfaction and pleasures.  The occasion for winter holidays is nothing but Christmas and New Year. These days are very special for everyone. Only few days are left for 25th December. Though, this is a very amusing festival and belongs to the Christian community, this fest is celebrated by all community people.

Some celebrate it by making plans for a vacation or weekend trip or go out for a picnic with their families and relatives. Whereas, some celebrate it by sending wishes and blessing via social media application like Facebook, Whatsapp, Wechat, Viber and many other ways.

These happy holidays are the end to your sorrows and beginning of your joys.  This is a great way to explore a holiday destination and make your freezing holiday’s happening! These vacations are the perfect days to relax. There are so many beautiful destinations on earth, you can pick any of them and enjoy holidays. For good destinations, you can check online and plan your trip.

No matter what type of holiday you actually desire for, your happy holidays of winter season will give you just what you are exactly looking for. The fun activities that you plan and undertake will be one of your unforgettable trips and will provide you and everyone with pleasant and cherishing memories all over their life.

Saturday, 6 December 2014

Android Call Recorder | Total Recall

Best Selling Call Recorder on the Planet! Total Recall by Killer Mobile has been trusted by Millions of Users Worldwide since 2004. Our Android Call Recorder offers a super simple user interface, robust set of supported upload services and is the ONLY Call Recorder for Android officially licensed to use the MP3 codec. Total Recall is a paid application and therefore contains absolutely NO intrusive, privacy killing ads.

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Thursday, 4 December 2014

The Most Awaited Shopping days via Flipkart Big App

After a much glorified retailing of Diwali Dhamaka and A Big Billion Day and everything besides, online shopping has now equipped millions of masses who started putting their hope in e-shopping at any cost. Flipkart, an online shopping Mega store is now approaching with Mega deals for 5 days, i.e. from 8th December 2014 to 12 December 2014 only on Flipkart Shopping App.  The Big App Shopping Day countdown has begun to emerge with special discounts and deals only on the app!

 Big app shopping Days
Download this Flipkart App for free in less than a minute to avail benefits and money off on your online shopping. 
This application is accessible to all smartphone users of Android on Google Play, iOS on the Apple Store and Windows on Windows phone Play Store. Now, you will like the way of shopping that you never did before with the thought of Big App Shopping deals. Users carrying State Bank Debit & Credit Cards can grab extra 10 percent off on the purchases made using Flipkart Shopping Mobile App.

Also get free vouchers worth Rs 1000/-to Make my trip and Rs 200/- for Meru.  To get these vouchers, all you need to do is Install Flipkart App first >> Login to the App >> Find voucher codes in 24 hours on your Mail id.  Ensure you get the best deals throughout the five days deal to bank your cash and time. Relish the exclusive shopping experience in Big App Shopping Days.

At present, customers no longer see a difference between offline and online shopping. It’s nothing but a shopping, whether you hang out on store or browse your needs online. To settle into the competitive new reality, graceful retailers are coming up with something new and different. Imaginative online dealers are taking on this new realism, by offering deals and discounts to make their storefront with this online shopping rebellion.

As an online buyer, you can look ahead to find special discounts, free vouchers and great offers on these five day’s deals from your favorite Flipkart online store.

Get More information here :- 

Newest Moto 360 update spectacularly perks up battery life

Since a long run, we are hearing about users of Moto 360 declaring that the most recent update to their Motorola smart watch powered on Android Wear has amplified battery life in an immense way. Lots of discussions are going on, with most striking cases reporting a remarkable 53% remaining battery life and approx 30 hours off the charger.

To attain this level of amazing battery life you’ll require turning off your Moto 360 on Ambient Mode. If that is not enviable to you, no doubts, Ambient Mode has also gone through some change, which will scatter the display and scamper a nominal clock that too has enhanced battery life, just not anything the same as when ambient is not turned on. We are discussing on this update- Build# KGW42R. Whereas, exploring that software edition on your Moto 360, tap and look that you are running version.
We were all concerned when Motorola declared the specifications of this handset, then soon after when it was discovered, and rapidly disputed by Moto Company, that it has only a small battery of 300mAh installed. This size of battery and some instant assessment of the watch appeared to be the death of the greatly predictable round-shaped smartwatch, reporting the requirement of charging watch twice in a day. Fortunately, this has verified as forged, with the majority users capable to get during their day with no issue..

The latest update, additionally to the latest display controls, is assumed to poll Bluetooth far less often, ensuing in an additional huge hit in performance of battery. Now again, as per the report received by users of Moto 360, it is still enormously working as a relied Bluetooth Device to open your connected smart device.

Friday, 28 November 2014

Facebook introduces new App - ‘Rooms’

Facebook has recently introduced a new app called 'Rooms', which will facilitate users to have an anonymous chat in chat rooms and it is currently available in UK and US. This app is now available on App Store.  On the basis of invitation and interest, these chat rooms will be accessible to users. The app is exclusively separate from Facebook and doesn’t necessitate you to give any informative details like your location or name. On the other hand, Facebook will keep up its matching standard to control singling out, intimidation or spamming. The site will also have the right to put chat rooms out of action. The chat rooms will be formed with unique designs using emoticons, different colors and much more.
New App - ‘Rooms’

According to Facebook, Chat rooms on invite basis will call for a particular code that can be scrutinized with the camera of your phone. You can post the code on paper in public place or you can share them on email or social media. Specific moderators or maker of chat room can modify the look, forbid people from the room or put the room selected as 18+. Your privacy will be concealed and none of your personal information will be disclosed.

In early October, it was reported by the New York Times about the spreading out of Rooms as an alternative way to hook up online ahead of various networks of social media, like Facebook, which value or entail genuine individuality. Though, Facebook’s actual name policy has forced few users, particularly LGBT community members who wish to stay unidentified online.

This chat application is created for Android and iOS platform which let users to make group chats focused around their preferred subjects. It is by now up on the iTunes stores and excitingly it’s accessible for at no cost.

Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Countdown begins for ICC Cricket World cup 2015

Just few days are left for opening of ICC World cup 2015 which is going to be organized and hosted by New Zealand and Australia. This ICC world cup is going to be the eleventh World Cup in the history of cricket. Cricket admirers are waiting desperately for 2015 World Cup. Recently, ICC has declared group and agenda of all matches starting from 14 February 2015. Host nation will initiate the competition with opening match against the cynical defenders of T20 Sri Lanka on 14th February 2015. It will be played on Hagley Oval which is situated in Christchurch. It will be one of the world's leading sports tournaments worldwide with 14 contending teams and more than 400 endorsed officials and players, participating in it.
ICC Cricket World cup 2015
At the moment people are waiting for declaration of team’s. People are estimating about who is directed be the captain of the ally teams and opponent teams. Team Players are alienated in 2 pools which are Pool A & Pool B. Closing match is listed to be played on 29th March at Melbourne Cricket Ground which is located in Melbourne, where knock out round will begin from March 18.  The badge of cricket world cup 2015 is also revealed and is featured with four vibrant colors i.e. orange, green, blue and red twisted stripes. After its launch, the placard got immense response from cricket all over the globe.

This cricket world cup will be the world’s biggest tournament of sports worldwide. India is the defensive champs, having won the competition in 2011 when it was held in the Indian Subcontinent, beating Sri Lanka in the championship. Keep yourself free and grab tickets for this most awaited Cricket Tournament of 2015. 

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Download The Android Call Recorder Today

If you are awaiting an important call with your client or if you need to attend an interview or conference with your business associates or company’s personnel with the aid of phones, you need to choose the Call Recorder App.
The funny thing about this app is that it allows individuals to retain the telephonic or teleconferencing data for future records. There are numerous exclusive call recorder applications based on Android are available in contemporary times. These applications are developed by Android developers and they help users of Android in many ways. The latest application developed by Android is our subject of discussion in this article. This application is popularly known as the Total Recall Call Recorder App.  
Difference Of Total Recall App From Other Applications
This call recorder app, which is our topic of discussion, differs from various other types of call recorders. This app is responsible for recording the audio of made or received calls with the aid of microphones at reduced volumes. The Total Recall enables True call recording and thus users can get full audio from different sides of the call and that over compatible devices. Simultaneously, it requires to be mentioned in this regard that the call quality obtained is excellent. Therefore, most experts believe that the Total Recall is a very trustworthy app for individuals who choose to use it.

Benefits And Uses of Total Recall App
The Total Recall app has numerous benefits for end users and they include
Provides Efficient Call Recording Facility
The Total Recall App is a leading call Recorder App that has provided vital support to various call recording activities on a range of devices. No other application provides as efficient call recording facilities as compared to the Total Recall App.
Unique Telecommunication Solution for Users
Most application developers are of the opinion that the latest Total Recall App is unique multiple operating system recorders present in the telecommunication sector. Since its launch in 2004 this app has become immensely popular among users. The trend suggests that more and more users are interested in using this app.
Essentially A Licensed App
Yet another fascinating fact about the Android Call Recorder app is that it has an official operating license to use MP3 audio codec. Using MP3 audio codec in this application is very much legal.
Call Recorder 

Easy To Use Solution
Other facts about the Total Recall app are that it is simple to use. It is also intuitive mobile application for different types of Smartphone devices that are operating on the Android platform.
Availability of a Range of Lists and Options
More and more people prefer to use this application as it provides users with a number of auto sends and upload options. Using these options it is possible to perform different jobs without any hassle. So the next time you ponder over getting a record of the ongoing conference or meeting with the client then you need select the appropriate option in order to perform the job.
Availability of Operational Flexibility
The Android apps that are available have operational flexibility. It has highly flexible recording options for various types of calls, sound.
Best Option for People acquainted with Rooted Devices
The Total Recall encompasses different types of device specific record enhancements for various types of Rooted devices.

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