Friday, 12 December 2014

Download Call Recorder 2.0.24.APK android app

At present, there are several recording applications available with benefits that you can easily find on Google Play Store. Many users before downloading any app primarily focus on application features, its specs, versions and so on.But, the only application that attracts several users is Total Recall free call reorder application with an updated version 2.0.24 APK android app available on Play Store. The newest version of this leading recording app has been customized to meet up the needs and requirements of users.  The change in versions is only due to the enhancement and advancement in its features.

This app was established long back in 2004 and it comprised of several benefits. The developers of this call recorder android app are US based and they are constantly trying to improve and perk up the functioning and working of this app. This app is specifically designed for users of Android smartphone and it comes with easy user interface that, it can be easily operated by any common person.

This call recorder app is easy to download and install. Prior to downloading, do check whether your device is capable of adjusting this app, as not all devices have the potential to attune this app. If you’re uncertain about it, then have a preference of using its 30 days free trial version.  Once you download this app, you will realize that you will not receive any annoying or spam ads.
The app is the best useful call recording app for recording interviews, speeches, conferences, meetings, lectures and other files. Also you have a choice of recording files in different formats like AMR, WAV, MP3 & MP4.  Apart from recording audio notes, you can also record on call recording of calls i.e. incoming and outgoing calls.

If your phone runs out of space, then you can store your call recordings by automatically uploading it on server like Gmail inbox, Google drives, sound cloud, Dropbox and Evernote. For this auto storage, you should first enable 3 options from the setting menu. This wills not only auto upload your files on server but also it deletes its existence from the recordings listed in your device.  Whether you record on call recordings or audio notes, it will certainly not be unsuccessful as this app gives an amazing quality of recording files with no background noise. You can also record files with low volume and no beep sound.

You every time don’t need to keep looking and searching for the particular conversation as this app also facilitates you to search recordings by name, date. That means you can filter recorded files. This saves a lot of time of users. This call recorder app has amazingly flexible options like it provides you with password protection features for securing your recorded files. Apart from app security, this app also provides security to the user by not disclosing user information.
This call recorder android app endows with an incredible experience and also it facilitates user with numerous benefits. If you find any difficulty with this app, you can connect our support team via email and forum posting.


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